Here you can take a look at our prices.
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Our price list, per season, starts from:

Low          - from € 79,00 per day (Jan, Feb, Nov, Dec)
Medium  - from € 99,00 per day (Mar, Apr, May, Oct)
High          - from € 119,00 per day (Jun, Sep)
Peak         - from € 149,00 per day (Jul, Aug)
We propose several itineraries to make the most of your time in Portugal.

Culture, Tradition, Beach, Nature, Sports, Adventure, Gastronomy and Winery are some of the themes we have chosen.

Discover this wonderful country, embrace our traditions, experience our activities and in the end, relax wherever you like.

Learn about our itineraries at HoW WORLD.
Although our Campervans are 2016 model year, a breakdown is something we can´t predict. 
Apart from a maintenance every 5.000kms and a wide FIAT technical assistance network, we also provide a 24/7 roadside assistance.

We are just a phone call away (+351 926 336 939), with a prompt response, so you can make the most of your holidays.
Our Campervans have third party and damage to the vehicle insurance, mandatory by the Portuguese law. 
We have 2 Extra Protection Packs, that give you better guaranties and reduce your deposit amount. We suggest the ULTRA protection, for a stress-free holidays. 

Check the details at EXTRAS and chose yours.
Our office is located in Telheiras, 10 minutes (by car) from Lisbon Airport, open between 09h00 and 17h00. 
Pick-up or Drop-off outside office hours: € 35,00 each

We also provide a Pick-up and Drop-off service in:
- Lisbon Airport (€ 20,00 each way);
- Train Station, Bus Station or Hotel in the city of Lisbon (€ 25,00 each way);
- Cities of Faro or Porto (€ 89,00 each way);
- Airports in Spain (€ 149,00 each way);

For any other place in Portugal or abroad, please ask for a quote. Choose this service in RESERVATIONS.
Choose the extra equipment that you would like to bring along for your trip.

We have several items such as sport material (surfboards and wetsuits, bicicles, SUP), WI-FI, power inverter (12V/220V), baby seat and booster seat, outdoor table and seats, barbecue, games and many others.

Check all the gear at EXTRAS.